How to do exhibition marketing?

The increasingly fierce market competition makes pre-exhibition promotion more and more important in the entire exhibition marketing plan, and its effect is more prominent. A well-planned pre-exhibition promotion can achieve a good publicity effect like an advertisement and increase the attention of exhibitors during the exhibition. General pre-show promotion plans include:

1. Direct mail:

Before the exhibition, through electronic invitations, mailing promotional materials, or cooperating with the organizer to publicize in its external mailing materials, let your cooperation and potential customers know some industry exhibitions you will participate in, and establish a good image in their minds. Pay attention to the time and method of direct mailing.

2. Media promotion:

Make a thorough media contact plan, choose the right time to transmit the company's exhibition information and exhibition trends through newspapers and industry publications. The content strives to be novel and clear.

3. Booth gifts:

Properly selected booth gifts will bring vitality to the company's booth, help build brand recognition and attract more potential target customers. Gifts must have personality, to enter the hearts of customers. Also, pay attention to the quantity and quality of the giveaways you choose. High-quality giveaways will impress attendees, and the number should be well-prepared based on audience category data.You can buy your trade fair supplies from YeehawPrint.

At the same time, special attention should be paid to the delivery method of gifts. Create an atmosphere of the scarcity of gifts to activate the vitality of gifts and improve customers' sense of value for it.

All in all, the innovative use of various reward methods can do more with less and attract more attention to your booth.