How to plan a meaningful business event?

Running a successful corporate event is no easy task. At this point, all you need is a corporate event planning checklist.
A solid event planning checklist will be especially important. You'll feel a sense of accomplishment and relief as you check off these items.

1. Event planning

Activity theme: The theme must be clear.
Active Time: Consider whether the user's time is convenient.
Event location: In line with the event theme positioning.
Active Objects: Identify target users and potential users.
Activity description: Show what you will do, what activities you will do, and what are the highlights to impress users.
Participation method: At least the registration users should be collected to leave their names and contact information.
Activity rules: various requirements and precautions, such as screening criteria for participants, dress requirements, registration deadline, notification time for successful registration, consultation methods for activity problems, etc.
Promotion channel: delivery time, delivery channel, delivery resource location, etc.
Expected effect: For example, how does the activity help platform data or users.
Estimated cost: It includes the cost of each promotion channel, offline execution cost, and the cost of gifts or prizes in each link.

2. Make a schedule for the promotion of activities and advance the work

After the plan is passed, it will officially enter the implementation stage. Generally, it is necessary to convene the staff of the event to hold a preparation meeting. Sort out the activity nodes, assign various tasks and determine the person in charge of each task, and the general person in charge of the activity tracks the completion according to the promotion schedule.

3. Determine the venue for the event

For offline events, venue selection is particularly important. During the selection process, the traffic, time, capacity, and environment of the venue should be considered. In addition, the area of the conference room, the stage construction, the equipment and facilities of the room, and whether an independent dining area can be provided during the on-site inspection are comprehensively considered.

4. Production of event pages

After the copywriting is determined, you can find some reference materials to reduce communication costs with the design communication requirements and time nodes. And maintain communication with the technology to ensure that the page is completed on time and passes the test without any problems.

5. Design and production of videos, promotional materials, etc

Pay attention to the unity of the theme and style of each material, including pattern, size, etc., and track the production situation, including material, color difference, proofing, construction period, etc., to ensure that the quality and quantity are completed.

6. Activity collection, statistics and notification

The registration situation must be counted promptly. Once it is found that the number of applicants is too small and the gap between the expected number is too large, the distribution channels and efforts should be increased in time to ensure the number of participants. Before the event, users who have successfully registered will be notified. According to the contact information left in the registration, phone calls and text messages are all fine to confirm the specific number of people who can participate in the event on time.

7. Make an activity execution plan and decompose the execution tasks

Make an on-site execution plan for the event, and in combination with the set event process, assign various tasks in on-site execution such as sign-in, hosting, photography, props, field affairs, and live broadcast to specific individuals. The execution plan is generally accurate to the minute.

One or two days before the offline execution, convene all executives to hold an activity mobilization meeting, issue an execution plan, and decompose tasks to individuals one by one to ensure that everyone knows what they should do on-site.

8. List of production materials and gifts

Indicate the types and quantities of all the materials and gifts that will be used in the event, note where and where each item appears in the execution of the event, and hand it over to the person in charge. If there are more types of materials and gifts, the most It's better to make another form and give it to the person in charge of each item.

9. Activity emergency plan

At least think about the most likely problems before the event, and think of the corresponding solutions. At the mobilization meeting, the person in charge of the link that may have problems should be notified. Once the problem is found during the event, the emergency plan should be activated quickly.

10. Event venue layout and on-site execution

After the executives arrive, they should quickly enter their respective positions to guide the maintenance users. The host is familiar with the string words again. The person in charge of each item counts the quantity and prepares to deliver it to the predetermined location in advance. Communicate in advance about the shooting needs of the scene, character close-up, etc. . Arrive 1-2 hours before the official start time of the event, prepare the materials and prizes for your responsibility, especially the students who are responsible for signing in. Don't let users feel that they are early and no one is receiving them.

11. Activity Process

The activity flow chart is determined according to the activity link arrangement, and each task is assigned to each person from start to finish. If there is any change during the activity, the person in charge should inform the host quickly so that the host can deal with it on the spot and inform other executives.

12. User departure

After all the processes are completed, the user leaves the site, collects the remaining materials and gifts, and completes the site clearance task.

When the work is done, it's a nice touch to say thanks to all who helped. Consider giving them a gift. It might encourage volunteers to sign up for the next big event!