How to print on paper bags with handles

Tote bag printing with handles is a common product in our daily life. It is more environmentally friendly than other plastic bags, and it is also easy to print and color with vibrant colors, making it very popular among consumers. However, to make sure that everyone can use it with confidence, next, our manufacturer reveals the production process of kraft paper bags with handles.

Handbag handmade paper bag making process:

Paper bag printing is the beginning of material selection. Generally speaking, the printing materials for kraft paper tote bags are divided into kraft paper, white cardboard, copper paper, cardboard paper and special paper. Printed on these papers tote bag printing gives a different feeling, so when choosing materials, you should make a choice in combination with the product.
Select the printing material. The second step is to start printing and production. Pay attention to the printing process during production to ensure that the print is correct when it leaves the factory.
After producing the semi-finished product of kraft paper bag with handle, attach the handheld rope to the kraft paper bag with handle and hold the rope fixed on the semi-finished product of paper bag. Glue, so that the kraft paper bags with handles are completed.

How to avoid opening the kraft paper handbag:

In order to ensure the consistency of the glue, it is important not to add other additives to the glue, which will cause the viscosity of the glue to drop and affect the adhesion effect. Some paper bag printers, in order to ensure that the paper bags do not pull when gluing, add relative amounts of other solvents to the glue to reduce the viscosity of the glue, this method can actually damage the structure of the chemical glue, which affects the sturdiness of the paper bags and causes them to open.

Advantages of handbag printing:

One of the more prominent features is environmental protection. From the release of plastic limit orders, plastic bags will gradually exit the packaging market items and replace the reusable environmentally friendly bags. Portable paper bags are easier to print than plastic bags, with more vivid color representation. In addition, it can be reused. You can consider adding more beautiful patterns and advertisements to the tote paper bags than plastic bags. Since the wear rate is lower than plastic bags, eco-friendly paper bags are more cost effective and have more obvious advertising effects.