It turns out that this is the main purpose of packaging design! !

What is the main purpose of packaging design? The main purposes of packaging design are as follows:

1. Increase market value

Packaging design can not only enhance the sense of the value of goods but also shape consumer groups' satisfaction with the brand. Improve the packaging grade and enhance the sense of the value of the enterprise. Therefore, only by firmly grasping the behavior of consumers, packaging design will firmly grasp the real market value.

2. Communication of core concepts

"Core concepts" can strengthen the connotation of products, thereby deepening the audience's impression of consumers. This invisible packaging will inevitably have a huge impact on commodity sales. The core concept is communicated in place, making people feel that the common interests are realistic and that the brand has the potential for appreciation. Packaging design is one of the basis and performance of product differentiation. It can not only display the name, trademark, quality, characteristics, use, and advantages of the product but also convey the cultural characteristics of the company. Customers can get product-related information through packaging within a period of time.

3. Attractive visual effects

Packaging design plays a very important role in attracting visuals. The communication effect of trademark packaging surpasses the value of general advertising communication. On the shelves, we must pay attention to the packaging design. In terms of the visual effect of the packaging, the color matching, the choice of fonts, etc., the stimulation of the visual effect should be increased, so that the product can be displayed on the shelf and attract customers.

4. Brand identity

Brand cognition is the premise of consumption. It is only a rough and vague impression in the minds of consumers. Under this impression, consumers will have a sense of intimacy when they come into contact with a company or brand. Packaging design has the basic function of information dissemination, and the main purpose of information dissemination is to display products and brands, as well as to promote and publicize a wider range. Doing a good job in packaging design is also provides more publicity media for products and brands.

5. Product protection

The continuation of the design is the meaning of the existence of the packaging under the premise of ensuring the realization of the product. The protective function refers to protecting the contents from the outside world and preventing the contents from being damaged or deteriorating due to light, humidity, etc. The packaging structure and packaging materials are directly related to the packaging protection function. Plus, eye-catching and beautiful packaging
Design can make your products out of the dazzling shelves, allowing the products to get more sales opportunities.