Terms and Conditions

Yeehawprint  Service Agreement

Welcome to the Yeehawprint customized platform. The Yeehawprint customized platform will provide you with satisfactory services in accordance with the "Yeehawprint Service Agreement" (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement"), allowing you to enjoy the pleasure of private customization. Please read this agreement carefully, review and accept or reject this agreement (minors should review with a legal guardian). In this agreement, your party is represented by "you" and "your", and the Yeehawprint customized platform is represented by "this website" and "Yeehawprint".

1、Confirmation and acceptance of the terms of service

1. Before you register, you need to read this agreement carefully. Once you click the "confirm" button above the original of this agreement and successfully register as a user in accordance with the Yeehawprint registration procedure, it means that you have fully read, understood and agreed to enter into this agreement with Yeehawprint , And you are voluntarily bound by the terms of this agreement.
2. Yeehawprint has the right to modify and improve this agreement at any time. When you accept the services of this website, you must be bound by the latest version of "Yeehawprint Service Agreement". You should regularly review this agreement and other relevant terms on this website. If you do not agree to the revised terms, you can cancel your user qualifications. If you continue to accept the services of this website, it means that you have accepted and voluntarily abide by the revised terms.

2. Equipment and other conditions required for the service

In order to better accept the services provided by this website, you should prepare the hardware and software required to access the Internet by yourself, and pay for the Internet connection.

 3. Use and fill in the user's personal information

1. The user must be a natural person with full civil capacity, or an entity organization with legal business qualifications. If a person with no capacity for civil conduct, a person with limited capacity for civil conduct, and an organization without business or specific business qualifications improperly register as a Yeehawprint user or engage in transactions beyond the scope of their civil rights or capacity, the service agreement between them and Yeehawprint is invalid from the beginning. Once discovered, the user has the right to immediately cancel the user and pursue all legal liabilities for improper use of the Yeehawprint customized platform.
2. When you register for users, customize gifts, publish templates, publish transaction information, participate in design services, participate in online payment and other activities on this website and affiliated software or platforms, this website will ask you to provide it through registration forms, orders, etc. Some personal data and real-name authentication. These personal information include but are not limited to: real name, gender, phone number, mailing address, bank account number, electronic copy of ID card, email address, etc. The above information is used to ensure that you can better enjoy the services provided by this website for you. This website guarantees that this information will not be actively provided to a third party under any circumstances, unless it is clearly provided by national laws and regulations.
3. Based on the importance of the network services provided by this website, you should ensure that: a) the personal information provided should be detailed and true; b) if the personal information changes, you should update the registration information in time; c) if you represent a company or other If a legal entity registers on this website, you should ensure that the company or other legal entities are bound by this agreement.

4. user account, password and security

1. After successful registration, this website will provide you with a user account and password. You are responsible for keeping the user account and password, and you are responsible for its security. If the user account and password are leaked and cause losses to a third party, you will be responsible for the compensation, and this website does not assume any responsibility.
2. Given that you use a user account and password to log in to this website to receive services, and the user account and password are kept by you, you are legally responsible for all activities and events conducted under the user account and password. If you find any illegal use of your user account and password or endanger the security of the website, you should immediately notify this website, and this website will immediately take measures such as freezing the user account and password to help protect your rights.

5. Use of the website

1. This website will adjust and change the existing service items and processes according to the actual situation. When you register as a user, you are deemed to have approved the above adjustments and changes made by this website, and this website does not assume any responsibility for the problems that arise.
2. This website has the right to check the user's registration information and service-related behaviors. If there are any problems in the registration information or service-related behaviors or are sufficient to cause general public suspicion, this website has the right to ask users to explain or correct or directly Take measures such as deletion.
3. All the pictures, templates and design manuscripts you upload to this website should be copies, and the original files should be kept offline for safekeeping. This website is not responsible for the loss of the original archive due to any reason.
4. The pictures in the album that you have set to "share" and "conditional sharing" are deemed to allow third parties to use them, and you shall bear the risk that the shared pictures may be used improperly by third parties. If this causes a dispute, you should resolve it yourself and protect this website from the problem or dispute.
5. When a national effective legal document or administrative penalty decision confirms that a user has violated the law, or Yeehawprint has sufficient factual basis to determine that you have violated the law or violated this agreement, Yeehawprint has the right to publish your illegal behavior on this website in the form of online publication.
6. If you send an order through this website, you need to understand and agree to:
(1) After your order is uploaded to the website and confirmed, the order cannot be cancelled;
(2) When the materials involved in your order (including but not limited to photos, pictures, text, trademarks, certificates, etc.) contain content that violates national laws and regulations, this website has the right to cancel your order;
(3) This website will try to negotiate with you to solve problems caused by your fault, but the costs incurred shall be borne by you.
(4) The album you upload to our system will be kept on this website for 30 days. After 30 days, this website has the right to automatically delete the album and the photos (pictures) in the album without notice, except for DIY system template materials .
(5) In order to ensure that this website provides you with high-quality online printing services, this website has the right to empty the photos and pictures you have uploaded to the album for more than one month (only for printing) to ensure the smoothness of network services.
7. For the following types of information you publish on this website, this website has the right to delete or take other restrictive measures without notifying you:
(1) For the purpose of avoiding expenses;
(2) There are malicious or false content such as fraud;
(3) It has nothing to do with the service of the Internet provider;
(4) There are malicious attacks or other factors that try to disrupt the normal order of the website;
(5) The information violates the public interest or may seriously harm the legitimate interests of this website and other users.
(6) Other inappropriate information that this website has reason to believe exists;

6. Intellectual Property

1. All information provided to you or other third parties via this website, including but not limited to text, software, sound, photos, videos, charts, trademarks and other commercial information materials, is the knowledge of this website or other relevant rights holders in accordance with the law Property rights . Anyone can use this information only with written authorization. Without the prior written authorization of this website or other relevant rights holders, you may not use, copy, distribute these information, software, code, trademarks or materials, or modify or create derivative works.
2. When you submit digital photos (pictures) for storage, sharing and/or printing, or submit pictures, text, logos, intellectual property certificates for storage or place orders to request other users to provide you with designs, you should ensure that you have all the photos (Pictures), intellectual property rights or valid authorizations related to text and trademarks, to ensure the authenticity and legality of the provided intellectual property certificates. You may not store, publish or distribute any illegal or prohibited content, which includes (but is not limited to):
(1) Content that infringes or may infringe the intellectual property rights or other legal rights of any third party;
(2) Content that constitutes or may constitute anti-social or criminal violations (including discrimination, murder, abuse, personal injury, stalking, child pornography, and sexual harassment);
(3) Content that violates or may violate public order, confidentiality regulations and moral standards;
(4) Computer viruses or tools that endanger the security of this website or other websites;
(5) Content that incites, suggests or encourages any illegal activities;
(6) Personal information (such as name, phone number, address, portrait, etc.) of any individual (except you).
3. The intellectual property rights of the images, texts and other materials you upload belong to you. If you upload pictures, texts and other materials that violate national laws and regulations or violate the provisions of this agreement, this website will be deleted immediately, and the corresponding documents (including electronic materials) will not be returned. If your behavior violates the criminal law and you should be investigated for criminal punishment, once discovered, this website is obliged to report the above situation to the relevant national administrative department and request the relevant department to deal with it.
4. Because this website is only a trading service platform, it is impossible and not obligated to review the legality of uploaded materials. If you believe that the copyright of your work has been infringed or the intellectual property rights have been infringed, according to the "Regulations on the Protection of the Right to Propagate Information Network", you need to contact this website in time and provide detailed proof materials. After review, it is indeed an infringing work, this website will be taken off the shelf, deleted, and the service of the infringing user will be terminated.
5. Yeehawprint provides an Internet platform to serve registered users. You can publish your own design templates or undertake design tasks published on this website. But you should ensure that the products you design do not infringe the rights of third parties (including but not limited to copyright, trademark rights, patent rights, portrait rights, etc.), and there must be no information that slanders or insults others. If you cause losses to others due to the infringement of your design products, you shall bear the relevant compensation liabilities.

7. privacy protection

This website respects your personal privacy. Without your consent, this website will not disclose the personal information and photos you submitted to any third party. Except in the following cases:
(1) After this website completes the user's order, it needs to provide this information to the delivery company for delivery services;
(2) The user authorizes this website to disclose this information;
(3) Corresponding laws and procedures require this website to provide users' personal information.
(4) To maintain the legitimate interests of this website.

8. Disclaimer

1. This website does not make any guarantees or guarantees
(1) You agree that you are personally responsible for accepting the services of this website. This website expressly states that it does not provide any type of guarantee, whether express or implied, including but not limited to any right guarantee, commercial implied guarantee, special purpose guarantee and non-infringement guarantee.
(2) This site does not make the following guarantees:
a. This website does not guarantee that the service will meet your requirements;
b. This website does not guarantee that the service will not be interrupted, nor does it guarantee the timeliness, safety and accuracy of the service;
c. For the interruption or defect of network services caused by force majeure or reasons beyond the control of this website, this website does not bear the corresponding responsibility, but will try to minimize the losses caused to users.
2. Limited liability
a. This website is not responsible for any direct or indirect, intentional or unintentional and subsequent damages.
b. This website only provides users with a platform for service transactions. This website is not responsible for the legality, authenticity and quality of the needs posted by users, as well as the ability of users to perform transactions, etc.;

9. notice

This website will notify you of relevant information through page announcements, emails or regular letters as needed. You accept this by default when you register on this website.

10. Information storage and restrictions

This website has the right to determine whether the user's behavior meets the requirements of the terms of service of this website. If the user violates the provisions of the terms of service of this website, this website has the right to terminate his account. If the user does not log in, view or use the user account for 180 consecutive days, and the account balance is 0, this website will be deemed as the user's waiver of the right to use the account, and this website reserves the right to interrupt the provision of services to it.

11. Termination of service

Users or this website can interrupt one or more services based on actual conditions. This website reserves the right to modify or discontinue the service at any time without notifying you, and is not responsible for any individual or third party due to the interruption of the service. If the user opposes any terms of service, disagrees with the subsequent modification of the terms, or is dissatisfied with the services of this website, the user can exercise the following rights:
(1) No longer use the information services of this website;
(2) Notify this website to stop serving the user.

12. 其他条款